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Feedback from Weddings, Festivals, Promotional Events, Processions & Events (click photo to view)

We have provided Equipment Hire, DJs and Bands to many Weddings, Promotional Events, Parties and Gigs. Below is a list of some of our clients and feedback provided by many happy customers we have worked with. Please contact Party Power if you would like to provide some feedback.

Rolls Royce PLC (Nottingham & Derby) (Stage & PA Hire)
Diesel Jeans (London) Ltd (Party Package Hire)
Eversheds LLP (Corporate PA Hire)
Nottingham City Council (PA & Stage Hire)
Estee Lauder Companies (Corporate PA Hire)
Nottingham Green Festival (Live Band PA)
Barton in Fabis Festival (PA & Sound Engineer Hire)
MedFest & Sneinton Festival (Main Stage PA & Lighting)
Parklife Events (Live Band PA Hire)
Lenton & Dunkirk Festival (Main Stage PA & Lighting)
Raw Talent Ltd (sound for N Dubz)
Classic Collection Holidays Ltd (PA Services)
Boots Ltd (Main Stage PA & Lighting)
Screwfix Ltd Nottingham (Corporate Sound & AV Hire)
Multiple Sclerosis Society (PA For Charity Fundraiser)
Radio Leicester & BBC Radio 1 (DJ & PA Equipment)
Subdub & Exodus Events (Soundsystem & Lighting Hire Leeds)
The Maze Nottingham (DJ & Sound Rental)
The Awaazz Band (Live Band PA & Sound Engineer)
Mr & Mrs Stephen Rowlinson (Wedding Lighting Hire)
David Stanley Redfern Ltd (PA Hire Services)
Mr Patrick Murphy (Wedding Party Package)
Mr & Mrs Paul James (Wedding DJ Equipment)
Hogsozzle Festival Luton (Main Stage PA & Lighting)
Rodneystock Festival (Main Stage PA & Lighting)
City Arts & New Arts Exchange Nottingham (PA Hire)
Fopp Records (Dj Equipment & Live Band PA Hire)
Mr & Mrs Daniel Chikosi Wedding Party Package)
Nottingham University (Main Stage PA & Lighting)
Widicombe Rising Festival (Bath) (Main Stage PA & Lighting)
Planet Leeds Festival (Main Stage PA & Lighting)
Landrover Magazine Project Play (PA S.African Aids Orphans)
Lincolnshire Pride Event (Main Stage PA & Lighting)
Rough Trade Records (PA David Rodigan Radio 1)
Nottinghamshire Pride (Main Stage PA & Lighting)
Mercedes Nottingham & Derby Showrooms (Lighting Hire)
Belvoir Castle (Wedding Party Package)
Rufford Mill & Country Park (Weddings)

Thank you to everyone else who has not been mentioned above!