Live Band PA hire

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Live Band Stage - Mixing PA Package Hire
From £250 per day

We find it is simpler to offer all the necessary equipment for a live band events in a package that includes all essential on stage equipment for live band performances.

Recommended 5 Piece Band Package Includes:

  • Yamaha LS9 Digital 32 Channel OR Allen & Heath Analogue 16 Channel Mixing Console
  • Van Damme 30m Multicore & 8m 8 Way Stagebox Breakout
  • x4 BSS DI Boxes
  • x12 Industry Standard Microphones Stands & Cables Includes Drum Microphone Kit
  • x4 Wedge Logic Systems Monitors includes x1 700w Drum fill
  • EQ, FX Gates & Compressors

All the equipment is of the highest industry standard to maintain the highest possible sound reproduction. If you require any additional specialist equipment such as Senheisser Wireless Microphone Systems or monitor desk and engineer please contact us for a quotation. Don’t forget we also supply all your stage lighting needs to illuminate your band performances.
Sound Engineers can be hired for an extra cost. Please call for more information


Please provide details estimating audience size, capacity & dimensions of the venue, indoor or outdoor venue and the intended purpose of use e.g. live band performances, vocal speeches, background or DJ based music.
Extras Available
YAMAHA LS9 32 Channel Digital Mixer with router & iPad Control (flight-cased)
£100 per day

Yamaha LS 9-32 – 32 channel digital mixer with included router & iPad for live FOH and monitor applications, 32 high-end mic/line preamps and 4 stereo inputs, 16 mix busses, LCR plus 8 matrix busses, 16 omni outs, internal FX, compressors, gates and EQs (preamps and routings), USB connector for recordings on USB stick, up to 300 programmable scenes, mute groups, user defined buttons, 100mm motorised faders, integral power supply. We include an iPad with Yamaha remote control software to enable adjustments to monitor mixes from the stage and maximise front of house sound. 

Allen & Heath Mix Wizard V3 (flight-cased) - 16 Channel Analogue Mixer with Lexicon Effects

Allen & Heath WZ16:2DX 16 channel mixer

  • 16x mono inputs with inserts/direct outs, pads
  • 100Hz high-pass filters and 4x band EQ with parametric mids
  • 48V phantom power (switchable per channel)
  • 6x auxes (1-4 pre/post, 5-6 post)
  • auxes 5-6 for internal effects
  • 2x stereo aux returns
  • PFL, mute, phones output, master inserts
  • XLR master outs, mono out with separate fader
  • 2x digital Digitech effect processors (2x 16 presets)
  • MIDI input
  • optional system link
  • Includes: power supply.

For more information visit Allen and Heath’s website

Outboard Audio Processing & Effects Units (flight-cased)
£15 per unit
  • DBX 231 Graphic EQ – dual 31 band
  • Klark Teknik SQ EQ – dual 31 band
  • Drawmer MX40 – quad gates
  • Drawmer DL221 – dual compressors
  • Samson SCcom – dual compressors
  • Lexicon MPX200 – 24 bit dual multi-effects
  • TC Electronic C300XL – multi-band dual compressor limiter gate de-esser
Van Damme Multi-core Snake & Neutrik Stage Box
  • 32:12 Van Dame 30 Metre Multi-core Snake & Neutrik Stagebox – £40
  • 28:8 Van Dame 30 Metre Multi-core Snake & Neutrik Stagebox – £30
  • 8:8 Van Dame 8 Metre Multi-core Snake & Neutrik Stagebox – £15
Industry Microphones, Cables & Stands
£8 each (+Stand £12)

We have a large number and variety of Industry standard Microphones for hire.

  • AKG D112 – dynamic – kick drum / bass
  • AKG C1000s – condenser – overheads / strings / percussion
  • Blue Kick Ball – condenser – kick drum / bass / percussion
  • Oktava MK219 – matched pair condenser – overheads / stereo
  • Rode NT3 – condenser – overheads / strings / percussion
  • Shure SM58 – dynamic – dynamic – vocal / bass
  • Shure SM 57 – dynamic – guitar / brass / percussion
  • Shure Beta 57 – dynamic – vocal / guitar / brass / percussion
  • Shure Beta 91 – condenser – kick drum
  • Shure Beta 52 – dynamic – kick drum / bass
  • Sennheiser e604 – dynamic – percussion / brass
  • SE1A – condenser – percussion / strings / overhead
  • Shure Beta 87 – condenser – vocal
Sennheiser EW145 G3 UHF Wireless Microphone Systems
£35 per day

Our professional Sennheiser Wireless Microphone Systems give clear crisp vocal reproduction at a wedding speech or live on stage. Wireless allows ease of movement and sharing of the microphone. This microphone rejects feedback, radio and mobile phone interference that affects budget microphones. Sennheiser wireless microphone systems also come with the option of a handheld microphone, a belt pack and lapel microphone or headset microphone.

Direct Injection Boxes
£8 each

Used to connect a high-impedence low level unbalanced output signal to a low-impedance microphone level balanced input. DIs are frequently used to connect an electric guitar, electric bass, keyboards, samplers or DJ equipment to a mixing desk’s microphone input. The DI performs level matching, balancing, and either active buffering or passive impedance matching to minimise noise, distortion, and ground loops.

  • BSS – AR 133 Active Mono DI
  • Samson Stereo Active DI
  • Behringer Active Mono Ultra DI 100