PA Hire Bakewell, Derbyshire

Pro DJ Equipment Hire Bakewell & PA Equipment Hire Bakewell, Disco Hire Bakewell & Disco Equipment Hire Bakewell Lighting Hire Bakewell, Derbyshire

PA Hire Bakewell, Derbyshire

Party Power PA hire in Bakewell supplies only highest quality sound equipment hire and lighting equipment hire. Logic Systems PA rental in Bakewell, disco lighting rental in Bakewell and stage lighting rental in Bakewell. Pro DJ Equipment rental in Bakewell includes Pioneer CDJ 1000 hire Bakewell, Technics 1210 hire Bakewell and Allen & Heath Xone 92 hire Bakewell and Pioneer DJM 800 mixer hire in Bakewell. Party Power PA hire Bakewell means industry standard PA equipment rental as used by the professionals. Live band PA hire in Bakewell includes Yamaha LS9 hire in Bakewell, Allen and Heath Mix Wizard 16:2 hire Bakewell, Van Damme Multicore Cable rental in Bakewell and AKG and Shure professional microphone hire as well as Sennheiser wireless microphone hire in Bakewell.

Disco Equipment Hire in Bakewell, Derbyshire

Party Power PA hire Bakewell supplies money saving MP3 and DJ equipment hire packages starting from £99 that contain all the DJ equipment and disco lighting that you need for a DJ, mp3 player, or laptop based party. Such as wedding party, anniversary party, birthday party, hen party or stag party, Christmas party, New years eve party, corporate or promotional event or music event, all delivered and installed safely by our trained staff giving you a huge cost saving and a trouble free event! Each of our Party Packages are designed with different sized budgets and venues in mind. All our Party Packages now include a FREE Galaxy Multipoint Laser worth £35. For an ‘out of this world’ light show the Party Power Lighting Package includes 4 of our £25 lights and a 3 meter goal post type lighting stand and a Free Galaxy Multipoint Laser and for just £99 delivered and installed! Plus for just £1 extra you will get a smoke machine or 1 can of ‘Smoke in a Can’ that is suitable for use where there are fire detectors and it is child and environmentally friendly.

Party Power PA Hire Bakewell, Derbyshire have a range of Party Packages available from £99 – £200 suitable for venues ranging from 50 – 150 people in Bakewell, Derbyshire and in the Midlands. We also have many extras including wired and wireless microphone systems, extra lighting, decor, smoke machines, confetti cannons, UV lighting, fog machines, snow machines and bubble machines.

Speaker System Hire in Bakewell, Derbyshire

Party Power PA Hire Bakewell provide only the highest sound quality professional UK designed and made Professional Logic Systems speaker system rental from 300 watts up to a massive 35Kw. From small private parties or DJ monitor speaker system hire and in fill speaker system hire to large ‘front of house’ speaker system rental for music festival stages in Bakewell or club events in Bakewell, Derbyshire. Powered by the best Chevin Amplifiers and MC2 amplifiers and supplied with Logic Systems and XTA DP226 speaker management.

Live Band PA Hire & Yamaha LS9 Hire in Bakewell, Derbyshire

Party Power PA Hire Bakewell, Derbyshire provide professional Industry live band mixing equipment and the most experienced sound engineers and crew. Digital mixing consoles include the Yamaha LS9 32 hire in Bakewell or digital Soundcraft Spirit 328 24 hire in Bakewell with 2 integral Lexicon effects processors and dynamics and 8 additional rack mounted mic/line inputs with direct outputs are available. Our smaller 16 channel analogue mixer Allen & Heath Mix Wizard 3 16:2 hire in Bakewell with 2 integral effects units is also available. 30m Van Damme 32:12 multi-core hire in Bakewell and 30m 24:6 are available. Outboard processing racks including Drawmer MX40 quad gate hire in Bakewell, Drawmer DL221 dual compressor hire in Bakewell, Lexicon multi-effects hire in Bakewell and Klark Teknik ‘square one’31 band graphic equaliser Hire in Bakewell, mono and stereo DI boxes and industry standard microphones stands & cables – including AKG D112 & C1000s, Shure SM 58’s, SM57’s, Beta 57’s as well as 12 Logic Systems stage monitors and drum fills and side fills.

Add extras such as:


  • Logic Systems PA Speaker Rental
  • Extra Stage Monitors drum fill & side fills
  • Extra Microphones including Sennheiser Wireless Systems rental
  • LED Par & DMX Stage Lighting & Truss Hire
  • Digital 16-Track Event Recording & Editing
  • Monitor Desk or Yamaha LS9 Mixing Desk rental
  • Van Damme 32:12 Multi-core cable rental

Wedding Hire Services, Event Hire Services and Party Equipment Hire in Bakewell, Derbyshire

Party Power PA Bakewell, Derbyshire, supply our great value Disco equipment hire Packages, Lighting hire and Live Band equipment hire to over 350 Weddings and family celebrations a year! We also supply to Bakewell City Council events and Community festivals, Charity events, public events & corporate events, in clubs pubs parks theatres and schools. Recent renowned club events around the country include Dubnium Sounds in Bournmouth, Subdub and Exodus in Leeds.

Other events include Wedding party in Bakewell, Birthday party in Bakewell, anniversary party in Bakewell, Valentines party in Bakewell, Retirement party in Bakewell, New Years Eve party in Bakewell, Engagement party in Bakewell, Halloween party in Bakewell, Christmas party in Bakewell, Christening party in Bakewell, Bonfire night party in Bakewell, Bar Mitzvah party in Bakewell.

Just take a look at our what our happy customers say about our services on our Customer Feedback page.

Pro DJ Equipment Hire in Bakewell, Derbyshire

Party Power PA Hire Bakewell are proud of the fact that we offer top of the range, industry standard Pro DJ equipment hire in Bakewell, Derbyshire area. Our range of equipment includes Pro Pioneer CDJ 1000 Mk3 hire, Pioneer CDJ 500’s and Pioneer DJM 300 mixer hire, Allen & Heath X-one 464 Club Mixer hire, Allen & Heath Xone 92 Pro DJ Mixer hire, Technics 1210 Mk2 Turntable hire and all are flight-cased and ready to party!

Disco Lighting Hire in Bakewell and Stage Lighting Hire in Bakewell, Derbyshire

For an extensive range of lighting in Bakewell, Derbyshire, contact Party Power PA Hire. Party Power PA Hire can supply DMX lighting and control for Par LED stage floods, Martin MAC 250 moving head lights, strobes, scanners, lasers and smoke snow and fog effects. Optikinetics Solar 250 projector hire Bakewell, 1500w strobe hire Bakewell and laser hire Bakewell with stand and trussing hire in Bakewell. Sound activated Disco lighting Hire in Bakewell includes Tomahawk Prism Effect Light, Spectronic Firecracker 1500W DMX Strobe, Mini Strobe, Galaxy Multipoint 80Mw Red, 40Mw Green Laser, XTC Moving Prism, Abstract Twister 3, Abyss 2 Water Effect Light, Source Magma 60’s Oil Wheel Effect, Kaleidoscope Effect Projector, The Virusator, Abstract Gladiator, Abstract Future, Mirror Ball, LED Par64 Cans. Make your event shine!

Wedding DJ Hire Bakewell, and Wedding Band Hire in Bakewell, Derbyshire

Looking for a professional DJ or a Band or some entertainers for your event? Why not use our online database and hire a professional from Party Power PA – DJ hire, band hire and entertainers hire in Bakewell, Derbyshire.

Our extensive range professional of acts includes the following genres: wedding DJ / wedding band / popular music / 60’s music / 70’s music / 80’s music / 90’s music / Cover band hire/ Chart music / Disco music / Indie music / Rock music / Dance music / Dubstep / Techno / Garage / Hip Hop / House music / Drum & Bass / R & B / Reggae / Ska / Dub / Retro / Motown / Jazz / Soul / World music / Classical music / Session musician hire / Jugglers for hire / Children Entertainer hire. Party Power PA is well connected with promotion and booking agencies and can get you the act your looking for!

Event Equipment Hire in Bakewell, Derbyshire

Party Power Bakewell, Derbyshire essential event equipment hire includes silenced and regulated site power via Honda 5.5KvA Super Silenced Generator hire in Bakewell up to 25 Kva. Marquee hire in Bakewell and marquee furnishings in Bakewell such as staging hire Bakewell and dance-floor hire & furniture, cutlery, catering, drinks bars, staff and Portaloo hire in Bakewell.

Looking for a theme or look for your event? Party Power Pa Hire Bakewell, will create and decorate your event to your requirements. A range of pre made Club Decor hire and event decor hire is available. This includes image projector hire Bakewell / camouflage netting hire in Bakewell / backdrop hire in Bakewell.


Please provide details estimating audience size, capacity & dimensions of the venue, indoor or outdoor venue and the intended purpose of use e.g. live band performances, vocal speeches, background or DJ based music.