Terms & Conditions

Party Power PA & Audio Mobile Stage Nottingham – Terms & Conditions (In Brief)

Party Power PA Hire Nottingham recommends that all our customers read or download and read our ‘Terms and Conditions’ in full using the link below. Party Power PA Hire Nottingham makes every effort to make our customers aware of their responsibility to read our ‘Terms & Conditions’ in full by attaching them to our quotations and invoices and reminders in our email signatures.

www.audiomobilestage.co.uk is a product of Party Power PA.

Any references to the company Party Power PA & DJ Equipment Hire Nottingham and/or Audio Mobile Stage Hire shall mean Party Power PA Nottingham or any part thereof and applies to both services and equipment provided by Party Power PA Nottingham & Audio Mobile Stage Nottingham. Headed documents such as quotations and invoices and payment details are for the purposes of Party Power PA management.


All customers

  • Deposits of 25% of the total quoted fee must be received prior to your event to secure your booking.
  • Payment by cheque for a 25% advanced deposit payment or payment in full must be made a minimum of 10 working days before your event.
  • Bank Transfer Payment (BACS) for 25% deposit payments or payment in full are made to –

    The Co-operative Bank
    Account Holder: Mr Jonathan Clark
    Account Number: 03061693
    Bank Sort Code: 089300

  • When paying it is the customers responsibility to reference / mark your payment with most importantly the date of your event and then your name or initials. Party Power PA will not accept any liability for wrongly referenced payments that cannot be traced to the event / customer in question. If in doubt contact us to confirm your payment has been received and that your booking is confirmed.
  • The balance must be paid in full in advance of your event or in cash on arrival at your venue before the start of your event. If this is not done then Party Power PA reserve the right to cancel your booking. The customer is then responsible for payment of the remaining balance of the full amount quoted.
  • Please note that Party Power cannot accept bookings under £50.
  • All deposits are non-refundable.
  • Proof of identity is required in all hire. Valid forms of identity include 1 x valid UK passport or full UK driving licence and counterpart, 2 recent bank statements or utility bills, showing proof of the customers address & ID.
  • Cancellation must be made a minimum of 48 hours before the event otherwise a charge will made for the full amount quoted.
  • Party Power has a delivery charge, charged at 70p per mile for the 2 return journeys necessary to deliver & collect.
  • On some larger events more than one vehicle is needed to transport equipment and crew members. Additional transportation charges will apply.

Dry Hire Policy

In order to comply with our insurance policy we require 3 forms of ID showing the present name and address of the hirer and require a cash ‘minor damage deposit’ for hire of any equipment that is collected used and returned by the customer this is called a ‘dry hire’. Photographic copies of the required ID are taken & cash deposits are kept safely by Party Power until our equipment is returned undamaged and in full working condition. The full cash deposit will be returned to the hirer providing their is no damage to or loss of our equipment. The photographic copies of your ID will also be deleted when our equipment is returned in full working condition.

You will need to provide the following on collection of the hired equipment –

  • Refundable cash (minor damage) deposit additional to the fee for the equipment hire.
  • 1 form of photo ID – a valid UK passport or full UK driving licence card & counterpart showing hirers photograph name and address.
  • 2 recent household bill or recent credit card or bank statements showing hirers present address.
  • The balance hire fee must also paid in full in cash on collection.
  • Provide full address with contact details of the venue where the equipment will be used.

The cash deposit and ID are returned to the customer on return of our equipment in full working and undamaged condition.


  • Party Power accepts each hire period as an event of up to 24 hours (1 day rate) only and is priced per day rate. For longer events please call for a quote.
  • PARTY POWER Has comprehensive insurance with public liability cover up to £5 million. All our equipment and cables are PAT Safety tested. Certificates are available on request.
  • PARTY POWER reserves the right to terminate any booking if its staff or equipment are threatened or suspect a risk from damage or injury or extreme weather conditions.
  • Damages caused to the equipment on hire to the hirer during the hire period must be paid for by the hirer.
  • It is the responsibility of the hirer to provide adequate protection from all weather conditions for all our equipment and staff on hire at your event.
  • 5% charitable discount is accepted for all registered charities. Please call us discuss your requirements.
  • Party Power quotations are subject to change if information becomes available after the date of given quote that may affect our ability to provide our normal quality of service, for the quoted price.
  • Events that over run past the agreed event end time will be charged at £10 per additional half hour per staff member present. (charged at our discretion).
  • Both male and female toilets and washing facilities and hot food and drink facilities must be provided for the duration of our attendance at your event.
  • Party Power staff kindly appreciate any hospitality and refreshments offered when working at your event. If your event is longer than 6 hours duration a hot meal is also appreciated.
  • Events held during public holidays such as Christmas Eve, Christmas Day Boxing Day, New Years Eve & New Years Day are subject to an additional charge of 50% of the total equipment hire fee. Delivery and collection millage charges are charged at the standard rate of 70p per mile for the 2 return journeys necessary.

Your Venue

  • Please provide the postal code with full address and contact number when making an enquiry. Party Power will not accept any liability for wrong information provided by the customer that may affect our ability to provide our normal quality of service.
  • Please let us know if there are stairs and no lift – our equipment is heavy.
  • Please inform us if your venue has had RCD circuit breakers fitted to its 240v 13 amp sockets or a sound level (dB) limiting system installed as they may, if triggered, damage our equipment.

Outdoor Events / Stage Hire / Electricity Supply

  • It is the customers responsibility to ensure that access for our heavy vehicles and the suitability of the land for the placement of our stage and equipment at your venue is important therefore a site visit is normally advised charged at £20 per hour per member of staff present + travel costs.
  • Adverse weather conditions for example Ice, fog or heavy snow or winds up to 50 mph will be hazardous and Party Power reserves the right to cancel if a risk to property or persons in attendance is present.
  • Electricity supply at your event must be supplied from either a suitable mains supply or regulated and silenced generator supply. Most of our equipment requires large amounts of regulated high current electricity for safe and efficient operation please contact us if unsure.
  • A minimum of 2 badged security and health and safety personnel must be permanently positioned on our stage for the duration of your event (day & night). CO2 fire extinguishers and 1m high stage frontage crowd control barriers and 2m high back-stage security fencing must be supplied by the hirer for events using our stage or PA hire services . Hands free ‘Walkie Talkies’ must be supplied to all our stage managers allowing communication with security health and safety personnel and event management for the duration of your event. If these essentials are not supplied by the hirer Party Power reserves the right to terminate your booking for reasons of heath and safety and security of our equipment.